What is a body pillow?

Body pillows are enormous pillows that are designed to support your weight as you sleep. They are used in particular by pregnant women, whose awkward shape makes it difficult to sleep on a standard bed. They can however also be used by anyone suffering back-pain or hip-pain, as they support the weight of the body while asleep, thus relieving pressure on the spine and hips.

Body pillows come in many forms – there is the pregnancy wedge, which is a wedge shaped pillow that you insert under the baby bump, so that the bump has something to rest on while you lie on your side. Then there are the giant “C” shapes or “S” shapes, which are designed to curl around the body. The C and S shapes are particularly helpful if you are pregnant and suffer from hip-pain – you tuck the end of the C between your legs and this helps open the pelvic bones and relieve pressure. Some body pillows are simply giant oblongs or bolster-shapes that are there for you to hug while asleep.

This website will review all the body pillows on the market and advise where you can buy one online.